Zadie Smith: Selected Bibliography

Novels and collections by Zadie Smith

Feel Free: Essays. Penguin, 2018.

Swing Time. Penguin, 2016.

The Embassy of Cambodia. Hamish Hamilton, 2013.

Book cover image for Feel Free Book cover image for Swing Time Book cover image for The Embassy of Cambodia


NW. New York: Penguin, 2012.

Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays. Hamish Hamilton, 2009.

On Beauty: A Novel. Penguin, 2005.

Book cover image for NW Book cover image for Changing My Mind Book cover image for On Beauty


Martha and Hanwell. Penguin, 2005.

The Autograph Man: A Novel. Random House, 2002.

White Teeth. Random House, 2000.

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Selected short stories and essays by Zadie Smith

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Selected interviews with Zadie Smith

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Bibliography by Rebecca Wingfield, Curator for British and American Literature.
Stanford Libraries, 2018.