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Elaine Scarry
Stanford Humanities Center





Dreaming by the Book

Dreaming by the Book
New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1999.

Co-winner of the 2000 Truman Capote Award for Literary Criticism

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On Beauty and Being Just

On Beauty and Being Just

Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1999.

Craig Lambert. "The Stirring of Sleeping Beauty." Harvard Magazine. 1999

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The Body in Pain

The Body in Pain: The Making and Unmaking of the World
New York: Oxford University Press, 1985.

Summary & Commentary, Medical Humanities @ NYU School of Medicine

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Resisting Representation

Resisting Representation

New York: Oxford University Press, 1994.

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Edited Volumes

Memory, Brain, and Belief. Co-edited with Daniel L. Schacter. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2000

Fins-de-Siècle : English Poetry in 1590, 1690, 1790, 1890, 1990. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995.

Literature and the body : essays on populations and persons. Selected papers from the English Institute; no. 12. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University, 1986.


Selected Articles

"War and the Social Contract: The Right to Bear Arms." Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities {New Haven, CT}2, no. 1 (1990): p. 119-27.

" The Difficulty of Imagining Other Persons." The Handbook of Interethnic Coexistence; Weiner, Eugene (ed. and introd.). 1998.

"Imagining Flowers: Perceptual Mimesis (Particularly Delphinium)." Representations {Berkeley, CA}57, (1997 Winter): p. 90-115.

"Speech Acts in Criminal Cases." Law's Stories: Narrative and Rhetoric in the Law; Brooks, Peter (ed. and introd.)--Gewirtz, Paul (ed. and introd.); 1996.

"The Made-Up and the Made-Real." Field Work: Sites in Literary and Cultural Studies; Garber, Marjorie (ed.)--Franklin, Paul B. (ed.)--Walkowitz, Rebecca L. (ed.). 1996.

"On Vivacity: The Difference between Daydreaming and Imagining-under-Authorial-Instruction." Representations. {Berkeley, CA}52, (1995 Fall): p. 1-26.

"Watching and Authorizing the Gulf War." Media Spectacles; Garber, Marjorie (ed.)--Matlock, Jann (ed.)--Walkowitz, Rebecca L. (ed.); Publication: 1993.

"The Made-Up and the Made-Real." The Yale Journal of Criticism: Interpretation in the Humanities {Baltimore, MD}5, no. 2 (1992): p. 239-64.

"The Well-Rounded Sphere: The Metaphysical Structure of the Consolation of Philosophy." Essays in the Numerical Criticism of Medieval Literature; Eckhardt, Caroline D.

"Enemy and Father: Comic Equilibrium in Number Fourteen of Vanity Fair." Journal of Narrative Technique {Ypsilanti, MI}10, (1980): p. 145-55.


TWA Articles, New York Review of Books

October 26, 2000: "TWA 800 and Electromagnetic Interference: Work Already Completed and Work that Still Needs to be Done."

October 5, 2000:
"THE FALL OF EGYPTAIR 990 September 21, 2000: Swissair 111, TWA 800, and Electromagnetic Interference."

August 13, 1998:" TWA 800: A Second Exchange."

July 16, 1998: "An Exchange on TWA 800."

April 9, 1998: "The Fall of TWA 800: The Possibility of Electromagnetic Interference."


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