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Books by Lani Guinier

The Miner's Canary The Miner's Canary: Enlisting Race, Resisting Power, Transforming Democracy.
Lani Guinier and Gerald Torres.
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, ©2002. (Paperback edition: 2003.)
Who's Qualified?
Lani Guinier and Susan Sturm
Boston : Beacon Press, ©2001.
Who's Qualified?
Lift Every Voice Lift Every Voice: Turning a Civil Rights Setback into a New Vision of Social Justice.
New York : Simon & Schuster, ©1998.
Becoming Gentlemen: Women, Law School, and Institutional Change..
Lani Guinier, Michelle Fine, and Jane Balin. Boston : Beacon Press, ©1997.
Becoming Gentlemen
The Tyranny of the Majority The Tyranny of the Majority: Fundamental Fairness in Representative Democracy.
New York : Free Press, ©1994.

Speeches by Lani Guinier

Keynote Address, Schwartz Lecture at University of Chicago Law School (October 19, 2004).

Keynote Address, C. Clyde Ferguson Lecture at Howard University Law School (October 5, 2004).

Keynote Address, Ryan Lectuer at Georgetown Law Center (September 27, 2004).

Keynote Address, Brown vs. Board 50th Anniversary Presidential Commission Speech (March 15, 2004).

Keynote Address, James Thomas Lecture, Yale Law School (October 31, 2003).

Keynote Address, Annual Gamble Lecture, University of Massachusetts Department of Economics (October 24, 2003).

Keynote Address, Annual Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Distinguished Lecture on Women and the Law (2002).

Newspaper Articles by Lani Guinier

"Democracy Tested," The Nation, May 5, 2003.

"Saving Affirmative Action and a Process for Elites to Choose Elites," Village Voice, July 2-8, 2003.

"The Constitution is Both Color Blind and Color-Conscious," Chronicle of Higher Education, July 4, 2003.

"The 'Quota' Smokescreen," The Nation, February 10, 2003.

"Race Shows the Way," Legal Times, September 16, 2002.

"MBTA Must Stop Harassing Black Kids," The Boston Globe, May 31, 2001, (Op-Ed).

"Colleges Should Take Confirmative Action in Admissions," Chronicle of Higher Education, December 14, 2001.

"Proportional Representation First Step in Election Reform," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 19, 2000, (Op-Ed).

"A New Voting Rights Movement," New York Times, December 18, 2000, (Op-Ed), at A27.

"Fiasco 2000 Shows Need for Overhaul to Reach Fair Representation," San Jose Mercury News, November 21, 2000, (Op-Ed).

(with Gerald Torres) "Credit Bush Doesn't Deserve," New York Times, August 8, 2000, at A29.

"A Modest Proposal for Voter Empowerment," Essence, October 2000.

"Making Every Vote Count," The Nation, December 4, 2000.

"The Ballot via the Courthouse," New York Times, December 18, 2000, (Op-Ed).

"An Equal Chance," The New York Times, April 23, 1998, (Op- Ed).

"The Real Bias in Higher Education," The New York Times, June 24, 1997, (Op-Ed).

"Don't Blame the Gerrymander," New York Times Magazine, January 8, 1995.

"Can't We Talk? Beyond Winner Take All in Democracy's Conversation," The Nation, January 23, 1995.

"The Miner's Canary: Race and the Democratic Process," Dissent, Fall 1995, at 521.

"Life as a Female Gentleman," The Boston Globe, January 9, 1994.

"Lani Guinier's Day in Court: Who's Afraid of Lani Guinier?" The New York Times Magazine, February 27, 1994.

"What Color is Your Gerrymander?" Washington Post, March 27, 1994, Outlook Section.

"Clinton Spoke the Truth on Race," The New York Times, October 19, 1993.

"A Challenge to Journalists on Racial Dialogue," International Review, Fall 1993, at 11.

"Second Proms and Second Primaries: The Limits of Majority Rule," Boston Review, Fall 1992, at 32.

Journal Articles by Lani Guinier

"From Racial Liberalism to Racial Literacy: Brown v. Board of Education and the Interest-Divergence Dilemma," 91 Journal of American History 92 (2004).

"Admissions Rituals as Political Acts: Guardians at the Gates of Our Democratic Ideals," 117 Harvard Law Review 113 (2003).

(with Susan Sturm) "Learning from Conflict: Reflections on Teaching About Race and Gender," 53 Journal of Legal Education 515 (2003).

"Supreme Democracy: Bush v. Gore Redux," 34 Loyola University Chicago Law Journal 23 (2002).

"The Pigment Perplex," The American Lawyer, August 2002.

"What We Must Still Overcome," 12 American Prospect (2001).

"Faith in Politics?" Boston Review New Democracy Forum, April/May 2001.

"Confirmative Action in Higher Education," Chronicle of Higher Education, December 14, 2001.

"Confirmative Action," 25 Law and Social Inquiry 565 (2000).

"Reframing the Affirmative Action Debate," 86 Kentucky Law Journal 3 (1998).

"Lessons and Challenges of Becoming Gentlemen," 24 Review of Law & Social Change 1 (1998).

(with Susan Sturm) "The Future of Affirmative Action: Reclaiming the Innovative Ideal," 84 California Law Review 1 (1996).

"More Democracy," 10 University of Chicago Legal Forum 1 (1995).

"The Miner's Canary: Race and the Democratic Process," Fall 521 Dissent Magazine (1995).

"The Supreme Court, 1993 Term: Comment: [E]racing Democracy: The Voting Rights Cases," 108 Harvard Law Review 109 (1994).

"The Representation of Minority Interests: The Question of Single- Member Districts," 14 Cardozo Law Review 1135 (1993).

"Groups, Representation, and Race-Conscious Districting: A Case of the Emperor's Clothes," 71 Texas Law Review 1589 (1993).

"Lines in the Sand, A Review Essay of Charles Fried, Order and Law: Arguing the Reagan Revolution," 72 Texas Law Review 315 (1993).

"Introduction of Professor Mari Matsuda," 3 Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review 3 (1993).

"The Triumph of Tokenism: The Voting Rights Act and the Theory of Black Electoral Success," 89 University of Michigan 1077 (1991).

"Of Gentlemen and Role Models," 6 Berkeley Women's Law Journal 93 (1991).

"No Two Seats: The Elusive Quest For Political Equality," 77 University of Virginia Law Review 1413 (1991).

"Keeping The Faith: Black Voters In The Post Reagan Era," 24 Harvard Civil Rights Civil Liberties Law Review 393 (1989).

Videorecordings with Lani Guinier

Democracy in a different voice with Lani Guinier. Northampton, MA : Media Education Foundation, c1995.

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