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(Compiled by Adán Griego, co-editor of the Presidential Lectures Web Site)

Books on Reserve at the Lane Reading Room

Bei Dao.Landscape Over Zero; translated by David Hinton, with Yanbing Chen.
Call Number: PL2892 .E525 H56 1996

Bei Dao. Forms of Distance; translated by David Hinton.
Call Number: PL2892 .E525 A23 1994

Bei Dao. Old Snow : Poems; translated by Bonnie S. McDougall and Chen Maiping.
Call Number: PL2892 E525 A25 1991

Bei Dao. Notes From the City of the Sun : Poems; edited and translated by Bonnie S. McDougall.
Call Number: PL2892.E525 A25 1983

Bei Dao. The August Sleepwalker : Poems; translated and introduced by Bonnie S. McDougall.
Call Number: PL2892.E525 A27 1988

Bei Dao. Waves : Stories; edited. with an introduction by Bonnie S. McDougall; translated. by Bonnie S. McDougall and Susette Ternent Cooke.
Call Number: PL2892 .E525 A255 1987

Abandoned Wine Chinese Writing Today II.. / selected and edited. by Henry Y. H. Zhao and John Cayley.
Call Number: PL 2254 C45 V.2

Out of the Howling Storm : the New Chinese Poetry. / edited. by Tony Barnstone.
Call Number: PL2333 O95 1993

Selected Articles & Reviews on Bei Dao's Work

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Selected Criticism in Chinese

(compiled by Haun Saussy, Chair, Department of Asian Languages Stanford University)

Jiang Zhenchang. "Zhongguo dalu de menglong shi" (The Misty Poetry of Mainland China). 75-88 of Dangqian dalu wenxue (Contemporary Mainland Literature), a special number of Wenxun (Literary Information). Taipei: Lianjing, 1988.

Discusses Bei Dao, Jintian, Misty poetry and the controversy over poetic obscurity.

Zhu Xianshu. "Yige teshu de wenxue xianxiang: tan bufen qingnian shiren de chuangzuo" (An Unusual Literary Phenomenon: About the Creations of Certain Young Poets). Zhongguo xiandai, dangdai wenxue yanjiu (Studies of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature), 12 (1983), 35-43.

An unfavorable view of the new poets' "obscurity" and "immature attitudes."

"Xiandai zhuyi de dongfanghua" (The Orientalization of Modernism), chapter 7 of Meng Fanhua, 1978: Jiqing suiyue (1978: Days of Intensity). Jinan: Shandong jiaoyu chubanshe, 1988.

Background and context of Misty poetry.

Other Published Poems in English

"Three Poems." (trans. By David Hinton and Yanging Chen) Grand Street v15, n1 (Summer, 1996):77-79.

"Coming Onstage." Kenyon Review v18, n3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1996):45.

"Blue Wall." Kenyon Review v18, n3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1996):45-46.

"we." Kenyon Review v18, n3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1996):46.

"Untitled." Kenyon Review v18, n3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1996):46-47.

"Progress." Kenyon Review v18, n3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1996):47.

"Creation." Kenyon Review v18, n3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1996):48.

"Requiem." (trans. by Bonnie S. McDougall and Chen Maiping) Chicago Review v39, n3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1993):288.

"Declaration" dedicated to Yu Luoke. (trans. by Zhang Guangqi and Sherman Alexie). Journal of Ethnic Studies v18, n4 (Wintr, 1991):59.

"Antecedent." (trans. by Zui Guisheng and Sherman Alexie). Journal of Ethnic Studies v18, n4 (Winter, 1991):60.

"For many years."(trans. by Zhu Guisheng and Sherman Alexie.) Journal of Ethnic Studies v18, n4 (Winter, 1991):61.

"Maple leaf and Seven Stars." (trans. by Zhu Guisheng and Sherman Alexie) Journal of Ethnic Studies v18, n4 (Winter, 1991):62.

"Electricity" (trans. by Zhu Guisheng and Sherman Alexie) Journal of Ethnic Studies v18, n4 (Winter, 1991):63.

"Temptation" (trans. by Zhu Guisheng and Sherman Alexie) Journal of Ethnic Studies v18, n4 (Winter, 1991):64.

"You Wait for Me in the Rain." (trans. by Zhu Guisheng and Sherman Alexie). Journal of Ethnic Studies v18, n4 (Winter, 1991):65.

"An elegy." Literary Review v34, n2 (Winter, 1991):211

"Country night." Literary Review v34, n2 (Winter, 1991):211.

"A step." Literary Review v34, n2 (Winter, 1991):212.

"Ordinary days." Literary Review v34, n2 (Winter, 1991):212.

"The Accomplices."(trans. by Xiaofei Tian) Prairie Schooner v65, n2 (Summer, 1991):101


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