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Working on a Christo and Jeanne-Claude Project

By Tom Golden

CHRISTO and JEANNE-CLAUDE always create artworks of Beauty and Joy. They originate these works of art for themselves and their friends. What is so wonderful about these artworks of Beauty and Joy is that they cannot be done without the effort of all of us who participate in the doing of them. Once you participate in one of their projects you become one of their friends.

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Running Fence
1976 Christo
Photo: Jeanne-Claude

I have worked on many CHRISTO and JEANNE-CLAUDE projects (all of them since Running Fence in California in 1976). The artwork is very private to CHRISTO and JEANNE-CLAUDE until the actual construction begins. All the workers now enter! Out in the field working with others, the project becomes your project! You become a part of that Beauty and Joy. It is hard work, but you look back and see what has been done, that is all that matters.

CHRISTO and JEANNE-CLAUDE realize that their vision, their artwork of Beauty and Joy cannot physically be done without you. They show this at all times during the construction, and share it with you during the display period.

Believe me, if you have the opportunity to work on one of their projects (you are paid!), jump at the opportunity. You will have an experience that you will hold dear your entire life, and I bet you will be looking forward to the next CHRISTO and JEANNE-CLAUDE project.

Thomas M. Golden Project Director:
The Umbrellas, Japan - USA, 1984-91.
Over the River, Project for the Arkansas River, Colorado (in progress).

1998, Thomas Golden


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