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Traveler, do you not know how a poet can live beyond the grave?
You stand and read this verse: it is I, then, who am speaking.
Reading this work aloud, your living voice is mine.

-a tombstone epithet quoted by Possidius, Life of Augustine

Works by Peter Brown:

  • Poverty and leadership in the later Roman Empire, 2002.

  • Augustine of Hippo: a biography, 2000.

  • Late antiquity, 1998. Originally published as "L'antiquité tardive" in Histoire de la vie privée, vol. 1, De l'Empire romain à l'an mil, Editions du Seuil, c1985.

  • The rise of Western Christendom: triumph and diversity, 200-1000 A.D., 1996.

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  • Augustine of Hippo; a biography, 1967.

Volumes edited by Peter Brown:

  • Interpreting late antiquity : essays on the postclassical world, 2001.

  • Late antiquity: a guide to the postclassical world, 1999.



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