Pina Bausch


July 27, born in Solingen, Germany


Beginning of her dance studies at Folkwang School in Essen/Germany with Kurt Jooss as director. Her teachers were among others: Trude Pohl, Anne Wooliams, Audrey Harmon, Cleo Nordi, David Poole, Valentin, Prorwitsch, Irén Bartos, Ilona Haan-Ireghy, Gisela Reber, Isa Partsch-Bergsohn, Hans Züllig, Anna Markard, Alfredo Corvino, Walther Nicks, Pearl Lang, Denis Carey, Lucas Hoving, Matt Mattox, and Albrecht Knust


Graduation at Folkwang School in Essen


Awarded with a scholarship of the German Academical Exchange Service (DAAD) to continue her studies of dance in the United States


Special student of Juillard School of Music, New York; José Limon, Antony Tudor, Alfredo Corvino, Margaret Craske, Louis Horst, Mary Hinkson, Ethel Winter, Helen Mc Ghee, Herbert Ross, and La Meri were her teachers, among others

At the same time, member in the Dance Company Paul Sanasardo and Donya Feuer


Dancer at Metropolitan Opera in New York, director Antony Tudor and at New American Ballet Working with Paul Taylor


Returns to Germany

Dancer of Folkwang-Ballett, newly founded by Kurt Jooss

Guest performances with, among others: Schwetzinger Festival, Festival of The Two Worlds, Spoleto, Festival Jacobs Pillow/USA, Salzburg Festival

Working with choreographer Kurt Jooss, Antony Tudor, Lucas Hoving, Hans Züllig and especially with dancer and choreographer Jean Cébron


First choreographies: Fragment, created for Folkwang Ballett, music by Béla Bartók.


Choreographing Im Wind der Zeit, music by Mirko Dorner

Staging of Kurt Jooss version of the opera The Fairy Queen, music by Henry Purcell, for Schwetzinger Festival

1969 - 73

Artistic director, choreographer and dancer of Folkwang Ballet


Premiere of the Ballet Nachnull, music: Ivo Malec

Choreographing for Rotterdam Danscentrum.


Premiere of the Ballet Aktionen für Tänzer, music: Günter Becker; this choreography was commissioned by Wuppertaler Bühnen, danced by member of Folkwang Tanzstudio, former Folkwang

Ballet Performances at Dance Festival Connecticut and Dance Festival Saratoga


Choreography of the Tannhäuser-Bacchanals commissioned by Wuppertaler Bühnen, danced by Folkwang-Tanzstudio

Guest teacher for modern dance, guest soloist and choreographer at Dance Company Paul Sanasardo (New York)

Premiere of the Choreographies Wiegenlied to the lullaby "Maikäfer flieg" and Philips 836885 D.S.Y., music by Pierre Henry


Guest performances in Stuttgart, Rotterdam, Den Haag, London, Manchester

Intendant Arno Wüstenhöfer, general director of Wuppertaler Bühnen engages Pina Bausch as director and choreographer of the Ballet Company which was named Wuppertaler Tanztheater and later changed into Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch

Engagement of dancers from Folkwang-Tanzstudio


FRITZ, dance-evening by Pina Bausch (music: Gustav Mahler, Wolfgang Hufschmidt); this programm was completed by The Green Table choreography: Kurt Jooss and Rodeo, choreography; Agnes de Mille

IPHIGENIE AUF TAURIS, Dance-opera by Pina Bausch (music: Christoph W.Gluck)

ICH BRING DICH UM DIE ECKE (Ill Do You In), by Pina Bausch pop-music work

ADAGIO - FÜNF LIEDER VON GUSTAV MAHLER, by Pina Bausch (Adagio - Five Songs By Gustav Mahler); in December Großstadt by Kurt Jooss had been added to this programme. Beginning of the collaboration with the stage and costume designer Rolf Borzik.

Choreography for the Revue Zwei Krawatten, Free-Jazz Improvisations with Detlef Schönenberg, drums and Günter Christmann, trombone.


ORPHEUS UND EURYDIKE, dance-opera (music: Christoph W.Gluck)

FRÜHLINGSOPFER (Spring Sacrifices): WIND VON WEST (Wind From The West), DER ZWEITE FRÜHLING (The Second Spring) and LE SACRE DU PRINTEMPS (The Rite Of Spring), three ballets by Pina Bausch (music: Igor Strawinsky)


DIE SIEBEN TODSÜNDEN (The Seven Deadly Sins) with "The Seven Deadly Sins Of The Petty Bourgeoisie" and "Dont Be Afraid", Dance-evening by Pina Bausch (music: Kurt Weill, text: Bertolt Brecht)


BLAUBART - BEIM ANHÖREN EINER TONBANDAUGNAHME VON BELA BARTOKS "HERZOG BLAUBARTS BURG" (Bluebeard - While Listening To A Taped Recording Of Bela Bartoks "Bluebeards Castle"), A piece by Pina Bausch

KOMM TANZ MIT MIR (Come, Dance With Me), A piece by Pina Bausch

RENATE WANDERT AUS (Renate Emigrates), Operetta by Pina Bausch


ER NIMMT SIE AN DER HAND UND FÜHRT SIE IN DAS SCHLOSS, DIE ANDEREN FOLGEN... (He Takes Her By The Hand And Leads Her Into The Castle, The Others Follow...), A piece by Pina Bausch, in coproduction with Schauspielhaus Bochum

CAFE MÜLLER, A piece by Pina Bausch

KONTAKTHOF, A piece by Pina Bausch


ARIEN, A piece by Pina Bausch

KEUSCHHEITSLEGENDE (Legend Of Chastity), A piece by Pina Bausch


Death of Rolf Borzik First collaboration with stage designer Peter Pabst

1980 - EIN STÜCK VON PINA BAUSCH Meeting Ronald Kay in Chile, poet, professor for aesthetics and literature at Universidad de Santiago

BANDONEON, A piece by Pina Bausch


September: Birth of Rolf Salomon, son of Pina Bausch and Ronald Kay


WALZER, A piece by Pina Bausch in coproduction with "Holland-Festival"

Performs in Federico Fellinis film E la nave va

NELKEN (Carnations), A piece by Pina Bausch


Becomes director of “Folkwang Tanzstudio”, 1983-1989

Head of the dance departement of Folkwang Hochschule in Essen


AUF DEM GEBIRGE HAT MAN EIN GESCHREI GEHÖRT (On The Mountain A Cry Was Heard), A piece by Pina Bausch


TWO CIGARETTES IN THE DARK, A piece by Pina Bausch


VIKTOR, A piece by Pina Bausch in coproduction with Teatro Argentina/ Rome


AHNEN, A piece by Pina Bausch

PALERMO PALERMO, A piece by Pina Bausch in coproduction with Teatro Biondo / Palermo and Andres Neumann International


Filming of The Plaint Of The Emperess directed by Pina Bausch.


TANZABEND II (Evening of Dance 2), A piece by Pina Bausch in coproduction with Festival de Otoño / Madrid


DAS STÜCK MIT DEM SCHIFF (The Piece With The Ship), A piece by Pina Bausch


EIN TRAUERSPIEL, A piece by Pina Bausch in coproduction with Vienna Festival


DANZÓN, A piece by Pina Bausch


NUR DU (Only You), A piece by Pina Bausch in coproduction with the University of California in Los Angeles, the Arizona State University, the University of California in Berkley, the University of Texas in Austin and Darlene Neel Presentations and Rena Shagan Associates, Inc. and The Music Center Inc.


DER FENSTERPUTZER (The Window Washer), A piece by Pina Bausch in coproduction with the Hong Kong Arts Festival Society and Goethe Institut Hong Kong

Staging of the choreography The Rite Of Spring for Ballet de L'Opéra National de Paris


MASURCA FOGO, A piece by Pina Bausch in coproduction with the EXPO 98 Lisbon and Goethe Institut Lisbon

Directs the Opera Duke Bluebeard's Castle by Béla Barók for Festival International d'Art Lyrique d'Aix-en-Provence under the musical direction of Pierre Boulez

25th anniversary of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch celebrated by a 'Fest in Wuppertal' with many friends and artists from all over the world


O DIDO, A piece by Pina Bausch in coproduction with the Teatro Argentina in Rome and Neumann Productions

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