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Hugh Bone
Date submitted: 3/4/98

Words are one of many "languages". Spoken words involve audio art. Actors words involve body language, a visual art. Texts speak to us as both literary and visual art.

I lately viewed a poem that tells of fire-bombing in Germany, which the author witnessed as a child of six in World War II.

Afterwards, a grown woman, mourning the death of a loved one, she is comforted by her Greek friend, who, as a child in Greece during that war. lost some of her relatives. Taken by German soldiers, they were never seen again.

As the author speaks of terrible memories of the bombing, a hard look comes into the eyes of her friend.

The poem, beautifully mounted, suggesting seared pages, is hung as a wall piece. It is titled: "The Child of My Enemy."

It is a visually compelling work of art.

We need such languages, such messages, such art, from peers and artists long dead.

They help make us human.

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