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Felix Reichling, applicant to Stanford University
Date submitted: 2/18/98

"The arts have ever been a significant part of human life...." The arts are a medium to express our feelings; they demand creativity and stimulate intellectual growth. In addition, they always have been used for entertainment purposes.

The existing of the arts add an extra value to our lives. They are actually - more than working - expressions of our lives. To be able to appreciate this source, we need to know about it.

But why should we spend so much money on the arts, instead of a professional education? I think the arts teach us much more than we think they do. They force us to think abstractly and in connections. We learn to apply facts about human history in an unusual and abstract way. This does not only give us a new perspective on our world, but it also helps us to develop creative analyze methods for our professional careers.

I think the arts can enrich our lives in a special way, but moreover it can impart a creative, independent and coherent way of analyzing problems and finding solutions in our professional career."

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