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A compilation of articles from local sources related to the Presidential Lectures.

Stanford Report, October 22, 1997,
$12 Million Fund to Add Four Billets in Arts, Humanities.

Stanford Daily, October 24, 1997,
Casper touts New Humanities Plans.

Stanford Report, January 14, 1998,
Artist Christo to Lead Off New Symposia in Humanities, Arts.

Stanford Daily, January 20, 1998,
Derrida among Guests Invited as Part of Initiative.

San Francisco Chronicle, January 28, 1998, by Bill Workman,
Stanford Lands Top U.S. Cultural Philosopher

Stanford Report, February 25, 1998,
New Website for Presidential Lectures and Symposia.

Stanford Today, March/April 1998, "Unwrapping the Humanities"

Stanford Report, May 27, 1998,
'Attention must be paid' to Survival of Western Culture.

Stanford Today, May/June 1998, "Time for Humanists and Artists"

Stanford Report, September 30, 1998,
Henry Louis Gates first speaker as arts, humanities lectures resume

Stanford Daily, October 12, 1998, Henry Gates speaks today

Stanford Daily, October 13, 1998, Gates: 'No identity without politics'

Stanford Daily, October 13, 1998,
Gates advocates rigorous, pragmatic multiculturalism

Stanford Report, October 21, 1998,
'Rough magic of the cultural mix' is nation's best hope

Stanford Report, October 28, 1998,
Stephen Jay Gould next to speak on arts, humanities

Stanford Daily, November 4, 1998,
Biologist Gould will give presidential lecture tonight

Stanford Report, November 4, 1998,
German writer Karl Heinz Bohrer to speak Nov. 9

Stanford Daily, November 5, 1998,
Gould speaks on mixing disciplines

Stanford Daily, November 6, 1998,
Interview: Gould shares thoughts on science

Stanford Daily, November 9, 1998,
Bohrer to speak -- Philosopher to address aesthetics

Stanford Daily, November 10, 1998,
Bohrer speaks about temporal world of art...

Stanford Report, November 11, 1998,
African Studies sponsors teach-in to prepare for Wole Soyinka's visit

Stanford Report, November 11, 1998,
Gould redraws boundaries between science and art

Stanford Report, November 23, 1998,
Nobel literature laureate Wole Soyinka to speak on future of arts, humanities

Stanford Daily, November 24, 1998, Soyinka calling for cultural integration

Stanford Report, November 24, 1998,
Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka to speak at Stanford on Nov. 30

Stanford Daily, December 2, 1998, Soyinka speaks to packed house...

Stanford Report, December 2, 1998, Soyinka explores worlds of words

Stanford Report, January 20, 1999,
Fredric Jameson next speaker in humanities series

Stanford Daily, January 25, 1999, by Shalini Bhargava,
Duke Prof. Jameson to kick off winter lecture series

Stanford Daily, January 26, 1999, by Shalini Bhargava,
Jameson discusses modernity

Stanford Report, January 27, 1999, by Kathleen O'Toole,
Literary historian Jameson examines 'myths of the modern'

Stanford Report, February 10, 1999, by David F. Salisbury,
Cosmology: meeting ground for scientists, humanists

Stanford Report, February 17, 1999,
Argentina's Sarlo, pop culture critic, to speak Feb. 22

Stanford Daily, February 19, 1999, by Shalini Bhargava,
Panels to debate universal truths - Disciplines to join for cosmology lecture

Stanford Daily, February 22, 1999, by Shalini Bhargava,
Conflicts between culture, literature - Cultural critic Sarlo to lecture

Stanford Daily, February 23, 1999, by Shalini Bhargava, Sarlo dissects culture

Stanford Report, February 24, 1999, by David F. Salisbury,
Scientists, humanists trade world views at cosmology conference

Stanford Report, February 24, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
Sarlo urges reconsideration of role of humanities in universities

Stanford Report, March 3, 1999,
Princeton scholar Nehamas talks inspired by a Goya painting

Stanford Daily, March 5, 1999, by Shalini Bhargava,
Philosopher Nehamas advocates studying depth, not breadth

Stanford Report, March 10, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
Nehamas: Awakening the sleeping artist

Stanford Daily, March 10, 1999, by Rachel Wong,
Philosopher Nehamas explores beauty, reason

Stanford Report, April 7, 1999,
Philosopher Derrida next speaker in humanities series

Stanford Report, April 14, 1999,
Kasparov, panelists to discuss limits of performance

Stanford Daily, April 15, 1999, by Shalini Bhargava,
Derrida to speak at museum: 'The University'...

Stanford Daily, April 16, 1999, by Sylee Gore, Derrida crowd fills Kresge

Stanford Report, April 21, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
Derrida seeks to 'enlarge, re-elaborate' concept of the humanities

Stanford Daily, April 22, 1999, by Sylee Gore,
Chess champ to speak - Kasparov on 'Limits of Performance' panel

Stanford Daily, April 23, 1999, by Juliana Liu,
Russian grandmaster says chess as challenging as most physical sports

Stanford Report, April 28, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
Kasparov on sports: 'Human actions in extreme conditions' at Stanford

Stanford Report, May 7, 1999,
Athletics, medicine, humanities focus of 'Limits of Performance' symposium

Stanford Report, October 6, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
'Good fireworks so far': Faculty speak out on provocative presidential lectures

Stanford Report, October 6, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
Humanities series to kick off with German choreographer

Stanford Report, October 13, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
Provocative German choreographer to speak, perform

Stanford Report, October 20, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
Bausch's presidential 'lecture' finds meaning in movement over words

Stanford Report, October 27, 1999,
Renowned pianist to perform, speak at symposium on past and future

Stanford Report, November 3, 1999,
Stanford to host conference on humanities, law, social science

Stanford Report, November 3, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
Scholar to lecture on visual 'sensibility'

Stanford Report, November 10, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
Revering the past can limit the present, scholars say

Stanford Report, November 10, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
Svetlana Alpers makes case for expanding traditional definition of art history

Stanford Report, November 17, 1999,
Prominent Chinese poet, forced into exile, to speak Nov. 29

Stanford Report, December 1, 1999, by Diane Manuel,
Chinese poet reads, reflects on life in exile



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